Monday, July 30, 2007

Tiny Troopers!

Riley and mom went into the Goodwill today and found these Marine "covers". So Riley and Hayden scored new hats today. Hayden brought Riley a military canteen a few weeks ago, so I guess they are collecting their uniforms one piece at a time! I'm so glad that Riley has cousins his age that he is able to be close to.

Hayden is half covering Riley in this picture, but they're new at soldiering and need more practice following orders! Especially orders of direction. If you tell them to look up, they look STRAIGHT UP! sheesh! They are so literal at this age.


Judy said...

They are so cute..however I will remind you to look at my son! As long as they are playing you are ok.

Great picture.

Anonymous said...

Those two boys have pleanty of time to learn to take directions. They will be military age all too soon!

jamie said...

AWWW!! TOO CUTE!! Jacob still wears all of his BDU's, or ACU's is what they are called these days. Well, I guess Shane still plays army guy too!! It will never leave them!! It is something about going into the woods, being camo'd up and shooting things and blowing things up that appeal to them, I think.... I would rather be in a beach house somewhere...but I am girl, so....that is why I don't understand!!

Queen of Foo Foo said...

OHHHH that picture is precious!
Boys will be boys!

Brewton Girl said...

Soooo cute!! Riley needs to be a model, he takes such good pictures!!