Sunday, April 8, 2007


I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter with their family! We started the day off with Sunday School and then went to my Mammaw and Pappaw's for Easter lunch. The kids had an egg hunt and ate way too much candy! We're even gonna try to find room in our bellies for some leftovers here in a bit. I just wanted to share a few pictures from our day!

See ya back here tomorrow, same time, same place, different photo (hopefully!)!!!


Heather said...

I just love the picture of the little fingers picking just the right jelly bean.

I think the white background is great with the beans! That egg hunt looked like fun!

jamie said...

That egg hunt looked like lots of fun!! Our eggs just have to placed on the snow. They aren' t that much fun to find. Maybe next year, we should just leave the eggs white. At least that would be more of a challenge,LOL.

I love the jelly bean shot!! There is nothing like those little fingers..

Happy Easter!!!!

Judy said...

Sweet little hands, and super shot of the jelly bellies. Yum.

Yep, same bat time same bat channel!

Amanda said...

Amy those jelly bean shots are FABULOUS...I might have to give that a try today! ;)I'm also a sucker for any of your pics with that tractor in it...LOVE IT! I'm thinking Riley likes orange too! :)

Oh thanks for the comments on my blog about the egg dying pictures. You know the light was coming in my kitchen window perfectly and well we ate dinner late that night because I wanted GOOD egg pics. And your right I wanted everything just perfect and fact I had it all set up and then told everyone what we were doing! Surprise, now don't touch a thing! LOL

Anonymous said...

Some great photos! Glad yall had a wonderful weekend!

Shelia said...

Geeze Louise these are great pics!!