Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Today's post is especially for my Aunt Kathy. She just LOVES mice, and I know that, for that reason alone, she will immensely enjoy these photos! LOL.
Meet Rosie, Riley's guinea pig. He named her on his own, and I think he picked a sweet name for her. She is a mess and makes the funniest sounds....especially when you take her food bowl or water bottle out of her cage to refill it.

And......CONGRATULATIONS to new parents, Dale and Amy. Their "little" bundle of joy arrived this morning. Joshua Cole weighed in at 9 pounds, 1 ounce and was a whopping 22 inches long! Sounds like a strapping young fellow to me!


Stephanie said...

I love guinea pigs we had two, one died very early not as big as the one you had and the other named rosette(hehe). We loved and was with us until my mother had an allergic reation to it, impetigo which she has cold sores often which is probably what made her more susuptable(sp) anyway We love our little guinea pig and loved the grunting and squealing sounds she made enjoy her!

Judy said...

Well, I hate mice! Yikes! But I must admit that I had a guinea Pig growing up, can not remember his/her name. It was white and my aunt told me if you pick them up by their tails their eyes will fall brothers tormented me w/ this bit of info..but it lived a long life (with eyes in tact) one day it was just gone from the cage... I always figured it died and my mom was trying to spare me. Cute Picures! and Yes congrats to the Glass family.

Brewton Girl said...

We also had 2 guinea pigs growing up and let me warn you they multiply like rabbits!!! I love the B&W pic!

Wendy said...

OH what a cute little guy! Oh I mean Riley! Ainsley thought Rosie was cute too though. Congrats to Dale and Amy, Someone stop Ms. Connie cause you know she is out shopping!