Friday, May 4, 2007

Roses Are Red

and white! Yes, I walked out the back door with the camera in hand, and mom (who was dragging the water hose around the yard) immediately said "Oh! I have the prettiest rose blooming over on that side of the yard!". Sheesh! Does that woman think of nothing else?! Lacking any better ideas, I headed off in the direction she indicated and took some photos of the rose, which did turn out to be quite striking. I also tried taking some photos of Henrietta and Sambo, mom's two chickens. Have you ever heard the term "bird brain"? Well, spend a while trying to take some photos of two young chickens in a cage, and you'll have a real good understanding of where it came from! You'll notice that I didn't get a single decent picture of those two "bird brains" by the absence of their photo in today's post. So, without further's the rose. I think it's called a candy cane rose or a peppermint candy rose, either way it sounds delicious. =)


Judy said...

That is absolutely stunning! I have never seen this rose, and give Nancy a break...the woman knows her stuff when it come to flowers.

And I feel her pain with the water hose. I have always felt like that is what people in Hell will have to do for the rest of their lives...drag a durn hose around.

Glad I'm going to heaven! They have irrigation (no dissapointments right?!)

oldav8rswife said...

That is a most beautiful rose. looks like you could eat it. I think pepermint fits this one.

Shelia said...

WOW! Very striking Amy! Beautiful shot!

Amanda said...

Simply beautiful!