Saturday, March 10, 2007

Childhood Snapshots

Just a few snapshots from this afternoon. I am soooo disappointed in these. They're okay at such a small size, but they won't print well...with the exception of the first photo (which is actually my favorite anyway). I get so disappointed when my pics don't turn out that I'm tempted to just trash them. I have to remind myself, however, that these moments are just as important as any other. When Riley is a grown man and looks back over the photos of his childhood, it won't matter that the photos are a bit blurred and not the best quality and the background is not devoid of distracting items. He probably won't even see any of that. What he will see is himself at 5 y/o attempting to fly the remote control airplane that his Granddaddy gave him as a birthday present. He'll see the pictures and be reminded of how much fun he had as a 5 y/o country boy running barefoot through the grass on a warm spring day. And THAT is why I will not trash these photos. I'll print them, and EVENTUALLY they will make it into his scrapbook for safe keeping.

My little country boy with ripped jeans and bare feet. Gotta love it!

He nearly ran over himself!

We saw a bald eagle out in the yard today, but I couldn't get close enough to get a good pic of him. When I tried, he flew off. I needed Ms. Judy's big honkin' lens for this one!


Amanda said...

We are our own worst critic! Riley won't even notice the stuff we notice in pics. I think your pics are AWESOME as always.

Oh and thanks for telling me which lense you use. I've been using the same lense...I guess I need more practice and lots better lighting too. Thanks again!

Shelia said...

OK hold up, I can't find the bad pics. Want to clue me in? *sticks tongue out* LOL

The Blankenship Family said...

They are all great! I love the one of him almost running over himself. What a cool birthday gift. My boys first question was "does it land on water?" hahaha

oldav8rswife said...

Amy, be careful with the remote control plane, Mike's still flying them. It gets expensive when you have to hire a cherrypicker to get the plane out of the top of a tree. Boys never grow up, they just turn gray.

Wendy said...

I think all of your pictures are beautiful! I wish I knew how to use mine. Someday someday. But until then put some shoes on that boy. He will catch a cold!

jamie said...

Great minds think alike, I guess. We both got some eagles. I got kinda close to mine though. They couldn't fly away, they are hurt. About barefeet, my kids want to move down south so they don't have to wear shoes anymore. They are envious. Riley looks like he is having fun with his plane. Jake got one kinda like that, but littler, he was flying his inside because it was too cold outside (below zero). Talk about dangerous, for us anyway.