Friday, January 26, 2007

Tough Morning

My day didn't go exactly as planned today. I was going to get up and complete a tape of transcriptions, shower and then head into the office as usual. I gave Riley some breakfast, turned the television on to his favorite cartoons, and then set out to complete my work. After a series of unfortunate events (long story), Riley ended up with a splinter in his hand. It wasn't so much a splinter as it was a "chunk" of wood. He came inside in near hysterics. My boy may be big for his age, but he's still just 4-years-old. After wrestling with him a bit, I was able to get a grasp on the wood and gave a good tug.....nothing. I couldn't get it out, and he was fighting me so hard that I was afraid I would break it off inside. Forget the work, forget the shower....we were off to the office where I could enlist the help of Dr. Rhodes to dislodge the splinter. Of course, he manhandled Riley with relative ease and pulled the splinter right a matter of seconds. I'm useless! It doesn't help that my son's tears of pain squeeze at my heart (but not so hard that I couldn't take a few pics of the huge splinter!) LOL. It sounds heartless, but I swear that I didn't get the camera out until the hysterics were over and he had been duly comforted! By the time I started taking pictures he was adamant that he would live forever with this chunk of wood protruding from his little hand, as he was not going to allow anyone to take it out!

This freakin' hurts!

The blasted splinter!

*sniff* I might live after all.

Oh yeah, I'm feeling much better now that Sponge Bob is on."

One in color, just for the heck of it!


Maureen Spell said...

aww, poor guy! You got some great pictures though! Love your b/w conversions!

4Bussells said...

so sad. that hurts me just looking at it. i just hope dr. rhodes didn't charge you :). this is definitely scrapbook worthy.

Amanda said...

Wow look at the size of that splinter. Poor thing, glad he's ok.