Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Well, I made it through another year of the ex-in-laws visiting. We're in the clear until next May/June. Riley's Aunt Shelby came with them this year and brought her two kids, so Riley had fun with them. Really, they are good people. I have nothing against them at all. It isn't their visit that I's just difficult to explain. It just brings the whole situation back into reality for us, and I'd prefer to just forget it all! Riley is clueless at this point, and they'd better not be the ones to enlighten him!

On a lighter note, little Avery is THE cutest little thing I've ever seen. Such a doll. Man, I should've had a girl! LOL. Nah, I wouldn't trade my boy for the world. A few pics from the day. (oh, and I think my new lens and I are going to be friends after all!!)

Grana and Papa Whitt with Riley.

Cousin Hunter, who is 7 days younger than Riley.

Cousin Avery, 2 y/o.


Judy said...

Ahh, great shots Amy. Hang in kiddo. Riley is well grounded with you, all will be well.

jamie said...

Those really are good! I think I like the new lens too!! Congrats on making through! He may have questions one day, but you are the one he will look to for strength and cling to! And for good reason. You are the best momma! You put me to shame with all those birthday parties!! Maybe I need some lessons---I got one coming up in July!!(for a Em)

Shelia said...

Things will be ok girl. They always turn out, though sometimes its hard to see that light when you're goin through the tunnel! LOL ~Bigs smiles~ to you!

Amanda said...

Great pictures Amy! Avery is quite the cutie.