Friday, May 11, 2007


We spent the afternoon with my friend, Tara, and my sis-in-law, Shanon, and an assortment of children ages 5 and under. Boy was it a hot one today! After the park, we decided that ice cream sounded like a wonderful treat, and we all headed down to Southern Sweets on Bay Street. Riley enjoyed his day with friends, and he told me his favorite part was the ice cream (no surprises there!). I got quite a few shots today, so I may just share a few tonight and then a few more tomorrow. I hope everyone has a great Mother's Day weekend!

Since the ice cream was Riley's favorite part of the day, I'll share the pics from the ice cream parlor first.

He's shy around people most of the time (at least until he gets warmed up), but THIS is my Riley. The goofball that loves to make people laugh.

Hannah at her favorite ice cream shoppe.

Riley enjoying his cone.

Lilly. Finger-licking good!

"Aunt" Holly, younger sister to my SIL, Tracy.


oldav8rswife said...

Amy, looks like a fun day. The pics are all great, but I especially like the touch you put on the one with Riley and his ice cream cone, just a touch of color. You are toooooo good!

Judy said...

Love the one of Riley! and of course the girls are cute, and pass the ice crean!

TaraG said...

they all look great! I love the one of Lilly! They do look good in b&w!

Amanda said...

How much cuter "eating ice cream" pics could you get! These Riley's expression in the first one.