Sunday, May 27, 2007

Catch Of The Day!

We're having a Frogmore Stew to celebrate Memorial Day tomorrow, and we've been unable to find any crabs for sale. No one in town has them. So, we decided to head down to the landing and try to snag a few ourselves. A boat with five bushels of crabs pulled up to the landing just as we arrived, and we were able to buy some crabs from the crabber and his handsome son. It's a good thing we did because we didn't catch a darn thing ourselves!

Wait, I take that back. Riley caught one little bitty crab, but I don't think anyone would want to bother trying to pick the meat out of that one! Besides, Riley wouldn't hear of anyone trying to kill his crab. It is in a bucket in our garage as I type this. I'm sure he'll be disappointed when the poor ol' crab isn't quite so lively tomorrow.

Here is a little storyboard of Riley crabbing.....and the crab he caught (which, by the way, just happened to wander up on shore all by himself and got scooped into a bucket by Riley! LOL)


oldav8rswife said...

Looks like great fun, even if the catch was "little bitty" Jealous of the Frogmore stew, enjoy!

Judy said...

Hey, A quick minute to comment on all your last post...GREAT! Crabs here are HUGE! We've made FS with the king crab legs here..LOTS more meat!

Congrats to Ri on the carb, wish he snag one of these big boys!